Lac Blanc Hiking Adventure

Spening the night at 2400 Meters

  • Length: 5.66 km
  • Duration: 05:04:00
  • Incline: 911 m
  • Decline: 45 m
  • Max. Attitude: 2331 m
  • Min. Attitude: 1464 m
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After seeing some amazing pictures of a small mountain lake called Lac Blanc my girlfriend and I decided to visit Chamonix and and hike there. We decided to stay at a very cute camping called 

The hike is bout 6km in length and has a 900m elevation climb, so comfortable hiking shoos are advised! also take your time. We stated at 14:00 which is a bit on the late side. Including our occational stops for food and pictures it took us about 5 houses to get to the top.

Start of the Hike

We where staying at X a very cute camping very near to Chamonix. After a short drive On 08/08/2019 at 14:00 we started our Hike to the top, we knew it was going to be a long day carrying all our gear up the mountain.